Get your dream on at the Hammer Museum

Sure, everybody dreams. But that doesn’t mean your subconscious musings aren’t special.

Au contraire, my little Mirabilis jalapa, your dreams are so precious that not one, but three cultural organizations have banded together to help you unlock the mysteries of your nocturnal cognitions.

On May 1st, artSpa and Machine Project are hosting an overnight Dream-In at the Hammer Museum.

According to the Hammer’s website, the evening will feature “experimental dreaming workshops, concerts, and bedtime stories, followed by a waking concert in the morning, all facilitated by a dreamy batch of local artist-psychonauts.”

For the inevitable hangover, the next day, museum visitors may encounter “dream reenactments, workshops, and napping music.”

The experimental dream workshops will be run by Claire Cronin, Ecstatic Energy Consultants Inc., Katie Bachler, Krystal Krunch, Laura Steenberge, and Marc Herbst.

Online registration begins today.

Image: Seaside Unicorn by Steve Read.

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  1. Aw, nuts! Maybe they’ll release more if Metblogs readers flood the Hammer’s phones? If not, then it looks like you can go the next day and see the dream reenactments, etc.

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