Don’t Forget: Songkran Fest in Hollywood Tomorrow

A quick reminder for anyone (anyone who doesn’t celebrate Easter, that is) looking for something to do tomorrow: April 4 is the local celebration of Songkran, the Thai New Year.

Outside of Thailand itself, LA is home to the largest collection of Thai people in the world. Each year the Songkran festival is held in Thai Town, along Hollywood Boulevard between Western and Normandie — the only Thai Town in the world. It takes place between 8 AM and 9 PM, and includes a pretty huge variety of food, entertainment, shopping and drinking. But why listen to what I have to say when you can read the English version of the official Thai New Year website:

It is exciting time when you will have experience in all aspects of Thai such as, ancient crafts and arts, remarkable culture, Thai heritage and ancient-unique traditions, delicious Thai food, apparel, martial arts, the world-class beautiful tourist attractions, Thai sophisticated manners, warm hospitality, and friendliness of Thai people.

So: Have fun at Songkran. And watch the peripheral traffic on Sunset and Franklin if you’re driving through Hollywood or Los Feliz.