SPCALA’s Hero Dog Nominations Due Wednesday

Miley, last year's winner

So, I totally totally totally should have told you guys about this earlier. But, hey, better late than never, right? (Nervous laughter)

But my tardiness and total lack of responsibility isn’t the point. The point is that there are hero dogs out there who need to be recognized, and the SPCALA is looking to recognize them. That’s why they’re calling for National Hero Dog nominations. So if you know a dog who committed a courageous act during 2009, give the SPCALA a call to nominate the little pooper.

Past winners include Taz, a German shepherd mix who ran for help after his owner fell off a cliff, breaking his pelvis; Shadow, another shepherd mix who saved his owner from a grizzly bear (!!!), and Miley, a terrier mix who roused her owner as carbon monoxide gas filled her home.

To be eligible, nominated dogs must be companion animals and not formally trained rescue or police dogs. If you’d like to nominate a dog you know, send a description in 100 words or less of the heroic act in question to [email protected] Here’s the hard part: Entries are due by the end of March 31.

Talents that will not be considered: Hilarious dream-induced whimpering and paw-twitching; butt-dragging; appearing in hilarious YouTube videos; running around to look at the back of the television when Animal Planet is on, just in case the television has magically become a window to a universe populated entirely by other dogs; genital self-moistening.

So get your entries in. Because hero dogs can’t nominate themselves. That would seem pretty crass.