March of the Billboard Trailers

I think it’s time we started cleaning up the place, don’t you?

I’ve noticed more and more of these billboard trailers popping up all over the Valley recently.  The one picture above is sitting near the corner of Riverside & Whitsett. With City Attorney Carmen Trutanich going after illegal billboards and supergraphics all over L.A., surely these little guys have to be next. Right?

Except that they are legal. Some city council members want to educate us on what to do. Maybe what we should do is elect someone who will get rid of this garbage.

8 thoughts on “March of the Billboard Trailers”

  1. I think they are subject to the same parking rules as any other motor vehicle, after 72 hours they can be ticketed and towed.

    Personally I call for a boycott of any business that uses them and call them telling them they are a)hogging legitimate parking spaces and b)a pox upon our fair city hence the boycott. Then again I have testosterone issues from time to time.

  2. You can blame the recession for these types of ads. It pretty effective and since they are not above a certain amount of feet above the ground they are completely legal. Now if you really want to attract attention to a sign, putting a magnet sign on a farari will attract everyone you drive by or that walks by.,, lol

  3. If your business or franchise license has dropped profitability by 50% or more in this deep, deep recession, you wouldn’t call that garbage, you’d call it advertising and a desperate bid to get customers coming through the door again.

    About a year ago here in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada, as the recession was announcing itself loud and clear, these sort of curb-side and street signs began appearing in front of strip malls like fornicating rabbits; one strip mall less than a mile from my home now has curb-side signage and flags for nearly every store renting space in the mall. When the economy improves, the intrusive advertising — which many store managers tell me is indeed effective — will disappear.

  4. Hmmm. Maybe I should buy some little trailers with potted trees that can be parked in front of these so when you drive by, you just see a nice little tree, surely that’s legal as well?

  5. That’s a good idea. Or perhaps we can make our own signs–say, for their competitors’ businesses–and park those in front of their stores in their parking spaces.

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