Electrical Box Art: GPS Edition

As some of you may already know, I’ve been cataloging the painted electrical boxes in my neighborhood. Actually I’m not even sure they’re electrical boxes, or what they’re used for exactly. All I know is that there’s occasionally a guy with a toolbox and a pocket protector standing in front of one with his van parked behind him, peering inside at what appears to be the control panel of the Millennium Falcon.

Today’s example resides at Alexandria Avenue just north of the intersection with Hollywood Boulevard. And you can tell, because there’s a little map on one side letting you know exactly where you are. It’s like the directory at the mall, only at the outdoor border of East Hollywood and Greater Griffith Park, with nary an Orange Julius or Hot Topic in sight.

The little person is the "you are here" stamp. I think I saw that dude's cousin on a men's room door.

These are painted by the dedicated community artists at LA Commons, by the way, which I failed to mention last time. More pics after the jump.

I can't tell whether this is an indictment or a celebration of America. I can tell that it's really awesome.
This is the side that faces Hollywood Boulevard, so it's a nice respite from the trash-strewn gutters and shuttered storefronts which litter Hollywood between New Hampshire and Western.
Can anyone tell what this is a representation of? It might be the Armenian church just down Alexandria, or the Korean one around the corner on New Hampshire. Or it might be some kind of mission.

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