LA Marathon This Sunday – Road Closure Alert

This Sunday, March 21, is the Los Angeles marathon. 26.2 sunshiney miles through our awesome City of Angels. If you are running the marathon, more power to you, good luck, stick to your training and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  (I speak from experience…)

If you are not running, be aware of road closures and plan ahead, they can really mess up your whole Sunday morning. This year’s marathon starts at Dodger Stadium, then to Downtown, then heads through Hollywood, West Hollywood, West LA and Santa Monica, depositing the athletes at the ocean. Click here for a map. Streets closures will be in effect for approximately 5-6 hours.

The marathon starts as follows:
6:55 am: Wheelchairs
7:00 am: Hand Cycles
7:07 am: Elite Woman Only
7:25 am: Elite Men & Full Field (including the racewalking division)

Hat Tip to The Open Daily for the reminder!

(Photo by planetc1 and used under CC license.)

5 thoughts on “LA Marathon This Sunday – Road Closure Alert”

  1. I will be able to stand on my front porch and watch the runners go down Bellevue. Will make trying to get around a bit challenging, but should be fun to watch. :)

  2. Thanks Julia. I plan to check it out from the curbside around mile 25 (last turn of the race, from San Vicente onto Ocean) and/or the party being thrown at the Pier by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Awesome. By the time I get up, the streets will just be opening up. Have, uh, fun. Running.

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