Get Out! This Week: Roller Disco, Loft Parties, & Carb-Loads at Lago

down and derby yum

Tonight is the return of Down & Derby roller disco at the Echoplex in Echo Park! They’ve got rental skates & plenty of booze, which is a winning combination if I’ve ever heard one. (Thu) Skate on in

Locanda del Lago in Santa Monica is celebrating the LA Marathon with special deals. I had the pleasure of interviewing co-owner West Hooker recently and while I was in too much of a rush at the time to sample the Nor-Italian fare, previous visits had already apprised me of its sheer awesomeness. I’d suggest the antipasti buffet for the freshness–they will have just bought everything over at the adjacent SaMo farmer’s market. Or try the Burrata all Coppa, buttery pillows of boutique mozzarella with coppa, a unique salami-style charcuterie, and fresh apples drizzled with a sweet balsamic nectar. The prosciutto/Roma tomato/mozzarella panini are sublime as well. Tasting Table tells me they’ll give you 15% off if you say the word “marathon,”  and if you were crazy enough to run and can actually still sit up, show ’em your runner number and they’ll give you double portions. (Sun) Nom nom nom

Burners Without Borders: Human Translation is an underground party for a good cause taking place at the notorious Red Loft. (It’s back, phoenix-like, so you can swing on the giant indoor swing and swing in…any other way you want, really.)  Growing out of the Burning Man community’s “Burners Without Borders,” a Peace Corps-style organization, and featuring artwork, DJs and music, it’ll help you save the world while potentially frying your synapses. (Sat) Groovy man