Why Seatbelts are a Really Good Thing

This is the scene in front of my apartment building on Woodman Avenue in Sherman Oaks last night around 11:00 pm (with apologies for the grainy cell phone picture). Apparently the woman driving the flipped over SUV was making a left turn into her driveway and someone came around the corner from Moorpark and crashed into her.

Amazingly, everyone was okay and when we arrived on the scene the woman and her son were standing on the curb, chilly but seemingly unharmed. I’m not sure what happened to the driver of the vehicle that crashed into them, but the police said  everyone walked away unharmed. The silver (rental) SUV on the right belongs to my bff, Andrea, who was totally psyched to have found a parking place right across the street from my building. “Guess I should have purchased collision insurance huh?” she said.

One thought on “Why Seatbelts are a Really Good Thing”

  1. That is a major accident! Good to hear that everyone walked away unharmed. I totally agree seat belts & air bags are a good thing. I walked away from a couple car accidents (not as bad as the one on the post) without major harm because of seat belts and air bags.

    Hope your friend’s parked car gets fixed by her insurance.

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