Congratulations to Tara Tiger Brown and Sean Bonner: Ripley Ossm Bonner Download Complete

Our fearless leader Sean Bonner and asskicking yet graceful muse Tara (is it still Brown? or did you go full-on Bonner?) have officially produced yet another iteration of Awesomeness in this world, and one that will take their Awesome and craft it into an entirely unique and individuated brand of Awesome that will self-perpetuate for millenia to come.

Their baby, Ripley Ossm Bonner, entered the world tonight. Traditional data as to poundage, length and Twitter handle will, I’m sure, be passed on by the radiant @tara and unbelievably stoked @seanbonner when they’re ready to go public. This is not an official announcement–just an exultation on my part that the download is complete. I bet both parents are ready for a reboot about now.

Seriously guys, good luck with everything, and as I’ve learned having good luck often means having friends who show up, so let us all know if and when there’s any little thing we could to to help.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations to Tara Tiger Brown and Sean Bonner: Ripley Ossm Bonner Download Complete”

  1. Sean, we’ve had a fractious realtionship in the past but as one father to another, congratulations. I wish nothing but the best for your child and your new family unit. But get ready for a lot of lost sleep over the next year or so.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!!!!! There is NOTHING as life changing as a baby! Sending you and Tara super vibes of love, light and happiness for the landing of this new entry into your and our world. Congratulations, now get some sleep!

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