Win Tickets to The Bird and The Bee’s Friday Show!!!!

Indie rock slash synthetic pop, with electrically charged guitars and pianos, is all the rage (blame Hot Chip).  So is an inexplicably newfound turn-of-the-decade appreciation for Hall & Oates (blame our current fascination with the 1980s and/or Hugh Grant in Music & Lyrics).  Mash the two together and you get The Bird and the Bee paying tribute to Hall & Oates this Friday at the El Rey.  And guess who has tickets to give away?

For those unacquainted, the singing Bird is Inara George and the instrumentalist Bee is Greg Kurstin, and together they symbolize flowers and de-flowerings.  They’re also homegrown – both hail from our fair city of Los Angeles.  The pair have popped up on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack (before you hold this against them, The Postal Service was that show’s poster child for quite some time); they’ve opened for Lily Allen; and, after two albums, they will release a tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates later this month.  The pre-release concert in support of the record is this Friday at the El Rey, and, as I mentioned, we have tickets to give away.  To win, all you have to do is post your favorite Hall & Oates song.  Include your email address, one that you check often, because that will make it easier to contact you if you win.

Full details of the show are here, but, as they say in the sweepstakes world (or, this is what I would say if I was in the sweepstakes world): enter first, buy later.  Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Win Tickets to The Bird and The Bee’s Friday Show!!!!”

  1. I agree with Bronwen… and all of the people who made it a #1 hit!

    “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” is still stuck in my head.

  2. Man Eater, naturally. I might have been the inspiration. Oh wait, think I’m too young…

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