Classic Eats #9 Wrap Up

Thanks to the great gang of folks who came out to Classic Eats Number 9! We started the adventure at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. We squeezed 13 of us around a table for 10 and proceeded to plow into some monochromatic waffly goodness. Mmmm, waffles and fried chicken!

Much fun and laughter was had by all and after we rolled ourselves down the street to our cars, most of us joined up again at Boardner’s to look at their appetizer menu and laugh.

Alas, I forgot to grab my good camera so I only have a few iphone snaps, but clicky on past the jump to see more. And if you were there and took a few pics, post a link in the comments if you can!

Thanks again for the great turn out. Soon it will be Classic Eats #10 — a milestone!

Kurt was the official sign holder while we waited for our table.

The gang awaits their awesome/crazy food pairings!

Both photos get bigger with a click.

8 thoughts on “Classic Eats #9 Wrap Up”

  1. That was a blast! 2 great places, and a great group. Another stellar production by Julia, thanks!

  2. I’m really sad I couldn’t make it–bachelor party in Vegas. I haven’t been to a Classic Eats yet!

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