Lucent L’Amour Tonight

If you’re not too exhausted from joining Will’s 8 Presidents Ride or too obese from the LA Street Food Fest, I’d suggest throwing on a silly hat & heading down to the Shrine Auditorium tonight for Lucent L’Amour, a wild art party combining the considerable forces of the DoLab (Coachella, Burning Man, Detour Festival, Lightning In A Bottle) and Lucent Dossier (the cirque troupe that’s truly hit the big time, with performances all the way from Black Rock Desert to the Grammy Awards fete).

Highlights in my book are N.AS.A.–the beat chopshop of DJ Squeak E. Clean & DJ Zegon–and “Not Just Another Roadside Attraction,” a new collaboration between superstar aerialists and fire dancers from Mutaytor and Cirque Berserk. It’ll be a wild party. And as my boyfriend has said, “It’ll be something cool to tweet about.” Post a twitpic from here and all your friends will think you live a wild bohemian merry-go-round nonstop party existence.

The lineup is huge, so for the full event info go here.

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