Imagine Not Eating at McDonald’s at LAX

Wouldn't you want something better than McDonald's after something like this?

Last year, LAX landed on a list of world’s worst airports.  Now, I’m not worldly, monied, or George Clooney enough to have sampled all of the airports this world has to offer, but I will throw this out: out of the airports I have had the displeasure (looking at you, Beauvais-Tille aeroport in France, which takes the “air” out of “port” and suffixes it with “-a-potty” to reflect how it feels) to pass through, LAX has one of the worst food offerings. You can go stretches at a time without seeing any food and, when you do, it’s bound to be one of the four McDonald’s scattered throughout the complex.  Welcome to Los Angeles.

LAX apparently has wised up and, last year, began soliciting proposals from local restaurants who are competing to score a concession license to operate in Terminals 4 (American Airlines), 5 (Delta, Northwest), 7 and 8 (United).  So far, Border Grill – brainchild of soon-to-be Top Chef Masters competitor Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milikin and HomeGirl Cafe are in the running.  Border Grill, in fact, is taking its bid to the web streets, appealing directly to the public to support its proposal with an online, ready-for-your-signature petition of support on their website.  Fast food, an upscale Mexican eatery, or a casual Mexican cafe that supports efforts to assist former gang members and other youths at risk?  How is that even a contest?

Photo courtesy Lucyrk in LA via the Metblogs Flickr pool.

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  1. Yay! I love their food. I just wrote in support of them. They have always had such great food and fun atmospheres in their restaurants! I’m a big fan and hope they get the concession! Much needed to have a place like theirs at LAX. Bravo for bringing this to our attention!

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