Metblogs Cat of the Week: Little Sister

Hi! I’m Little Sister. My mom has had success finding homes for kitties before, via Metblogs. If you’ve been reading for a few years, you’ll know about her cat saga.  Now, she’s trying to find a home for me!

I am gorgeous, if I do say so myself–with long Himalayan-style fur that’s a mix of tabby stripes & calico and marmalade colors. Every time Mom comes home I run to greet her at the gate, and I love being petted. I’m less a fan of being picked up, but can you blame me? I grew up as a feral cat, and being picked up scares me.

Mom says I have to find a new indoor home because coyotes have found our yard where we all live and are killing us one by one. I’m pretty creeped out by that. I hope you can adopt me, because then I’ll be safe! I like being outdoors, but I know my life span will be longer and I’ll be healthier if I become an indoor cat. Mom would let me live in her house but I give her the sneezles.

If you adopt me, I will probably hide under your bed or in your closet for a week before I start to venture out and explore. Pet me and you’ll find I’m a purring machine! I’m mellow and easygoing, and over time as I become used to being an indoor cat I’ll become the perfectest cat in the world! I’ve been spayed and mom says she’ll get me all new shots, which sounds not so fun.

If you’d like me to be YOUR best friend, email mom at lucindamichele (at) metblogs (dawt) com. Meow.

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