23% of Bike Involved Collisions are Hit & Run

Finally someone started running the statistics on this.

Alex over at Westsidebikeside has the scoop:

“LAPD Sergeant David Krumer and Commander David Doan sorted through massive collision data for 2008, and found that in 2008, 23% of bike involved traffic collisions are Hit & Run – 3% were misdemeanor and 20% were felony. This was just one statistic of many in a report on bike collisions in LA in 2008. You can see a preliminary report here – BikeTrafficCollisions2008

This is a great step considering the history between the LAPD and cyclists.

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  1. Frazgo – that was the first question out of our mouths, once everyone picked up their jaws. LAPD didn’t have the stats on hand but promised to look into it.

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