Bye bye Goody’s, one-time source of Really Great Neon and Really Great Pie

Last week, via LA Observed, I learned of the tragic demise of Goody’s, a super charming (ie: cheap and bad for you) greasy spoon in San Gabriel.  I’ve eaten at Goody’s all of once, but it was by far one of the most memorable meals in my life:  we were driving from Galco’s Soda Pop Stop to Bahooka (both important parts of a perfect Sunday afternoon) when we noticed the totally sweet neon sign at Goody’s (even though the neon wasn’t actually lit) and decided that we needed to stop there for dinner on the merits of their signage alone (I will admit that most of my dining choices are made via this particular method).  And I ordered the chicken pot pie and (I tend to exaggerate this part of the story, but whatever,) it was giant, and came with a loaf of bread, and a salad, and mashed potatoes, and I think also soup and, really, the details aren’t important here, because the bottom line is that it was the largest pile of old people food I have ever seen and it only cost, like, seven dollars.  And it was even tasty!P1010157

So, in memory of Goody’s, and their totally sweet neon sign, I want to inaugurate a new series, which I am calling Really Great Neon, and which will chronicle all of the really great neon signs that I (and hopefully my fellow metrobloggers) notice in my travels around this fair city of ours.

The Goody’s sign is a perfect inaugural example of Really Great Neon:  the typeface is fantastic with that boomerang-shaped G, and the distorted rectangular shape of the sign looks really great against the piece with the circular cut outs.  Really, only awesome things could happen in a place with a sign like this.  I hope that somehow the sign gets saved after the restaurant closes – the streetscape just couldn’t possibly be the same without it.

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  1. Perhaps we should arrange our Classic Eats outings to favor the places, if any, that are rumored to be on the outs. I already missed Tail O’ the Pup and Johnnies (I hear it’s open as a filming location, thanks a lot), and am very much loathing this trend.

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