Garcetti Acts on Hollywood Parking Issues!

Okay.  I am humbled and I am in awe.  I recently wrote about getting an unjustified parking ticket in Hollywood.  It was the second time this year I got one in which I had paid for an hour returned to find a ticket, with 20 minutes still in the meter.  At $50 a pop, I have been beyond frustrated.

After writing about it the first time, Eric Garcetti contacted me and offered help.  I didn’t deal, just paid the ticket.  This time, I vowed to fight. And miraculously someone in his office researched the problem, found that the meters were off in certain areas… and had the ticket refunded by the city.  All I can say is that this is one politician who rocks!  He actually listens to the problems of his peeps and does something to ease their hardship. He’s my new political hero.

And he responds to lots of other issues as well.  I recently wrote his office about the Medical Marijuana Ordinance that was being considered.  I  had some thoughts and suggestions for making this new law work for patients, and one of his deputies actually called back AND emailed me in response.  I wrote to every councilperson and only got personal responses only from his and Tom LaBonges office.  Pretty amazing.  Most politicians send a form response and you never hear anything about the issue again.

It’s great to know that Eric Garcetti is on top of his districts needs and really does respond.  He’s the kind of guy I’m proud to have representing me.  Thanks!  We need and appreciate the hard work you and your office are doing!

5 thoughts on “Garcetti Acts on Hollywood Parking Issues!”

  1. my guess is that you live in hollywood and not n.e. koreatown, where the proportion of enfranchised residents is much lower. we don’t have quite the same charitable view of our benighted councilperson.

  2. I’m glad he helped you out, but I’m wincing a bit at how you — understandably, of course — think he’s such aces.

    Because it looks like I’ve gotta quit writing Garcetti’s office directly and just post about it here. A few weeks ago after the stop sign at the end of my block in Silver Lake got knocked down by some idiot hit-and-run motorist for at least the fifth time in as many years I notified the Bureau of Street Services and also contacted Garcetti’s office with a suggestion that he consider exploring potential solutions that might make the sign more noticeable or better protected, because a sign that doesn’t get destroyed at least once a year might ultimately save the city some spare change. Silly me, right?

    Right. I didn’t even get the courtesy of a blow off from a real person on his staff, just the usual form letter about how busy the good councilman is and how he can’t just drop everything the minute a constituent comes up with an idea worth investigating.

  3. I just got a phone call from one of Garcetti’s deputies yesterday, following up on a brief Twitter exchange I had with the councilman last week. Far from a blow off, he spent more time than I would’ve expected explaining the details of the issue we were discussing. Obviously a very different experience than Will had, but it seems every time I’ve interacted with Garcetti or anyone on his staff they’ve been very responsive. I’m a fan.

  4. Will- don’t give up, I’m telling you… I’m an ardent fan of letting the people who represent you know your take on the issues….
    Give it another try. Every time I’ve had an interaction with either him or his staff, they listened and at least tried to respond and make a difference.

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