Want a tour of LA Gangland?

Thanks to the newly launched LA Gangtours you have a better option then just aimlessly driving around in neighborhoods you really have no business being in. This past weekend they held their first tour, and for $65 a person participants were given front row seats to the location of historic gang related events, and LA’s many lock ups. City Councilman Dennis Zine told ABC News “It’s a terrible idea. Is it worth that thrill for 65 bucks? You can go to a (gang) movie for a lot less and not put yourself at risk.” But I think it’s a brilliant idea for just that very reason.

There are a large group of people, LA residents and not, who have no idea what gang culture is other than what is shown to them in hollywood movies, and we all know how completely accurate those are. And like it or not, gang culture is a huge part of what makes LA what it is. It surrounds all of us all the time, yet a lot of people have no idea. This isn’t simply a spectator sport, it’s an education. Founded by Alfred Lomas, an ex F13 member himself, “The objective is to create jobs for the residents of South Central, Los Angeles; to give profits from the tours back to these areas for economic growth and development, provide job/entrepreneur training, micro-financing opportunities and to specialize in educating people from around the world about the Los Angeles inner city lifestyle, gang involvement and solutions.”

I totally want to take this tour.

5 thoughts on “Want a tour of LA Gangland?”

  1. “…neighborhoods you really have no business being in.”

    Nice to know gangs have won in staking out their territory.

    I don’t doubt that this tour could be interesting and educational, but when I read they were seriously considering having passengers shot up by people dressed as gang members with squirt guns I dismissed it as unhealthy exploitation.

    Kids are still being shot on an almost daily basis down there over stupid crap. Turning it into entertainment sounds pathetic.

  2. I’m with LM on this being unhealthy exploitation. Maybe their brochures should make the reference to safari or something equally offensive. Solving our gang problems doesn’t start with tours at $65 pop.

  3. I think there are other ways to create jobs than ghetto voyeurism. Just because a gang member thought of it doesn’t mean it is not exploitation. Aside from the few jobs that this will create, this does nothing to actually stop gang violence. How about this instead: go to chinatown, stop by homeboy industries and ask around. I am sure you can get a good description of what gangs are active in what neighborhood. And maybe you can support them while you are at it, since they are actually doing something to get gang members out of the life.

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