Stinker’s Puts A Cork In It

Stinking up the joint for the last time.
Stinking up the joint for the last time.

The owner of Stinker’s Truck Stop, the 70’s truck stop-themed bar in Silver Lake, has decided he’s bored with that concept and wants to do something new. Toward that end, Stinker’s is holding their First And Last Annual Auction on Tuesday, February 9.

Items to be sold include everything from a late-70’s Trans Am hood, actual CB radios and more Burt Reynolds items than is healthy, to the bathroom condom vending machine. Of course, the famed skunk butts are on the block, as well. The auction will also feature DJs, plenty of Colt 45 and giveaways such as Stinker’s air fresheners, t-shirts and trucker hats.

What: Stinker’s Truck Stop First and Last Annual Auction
When: Tuesday, February 9
Auction preview at 8:00pm, live auction at 9:00pm
Where: Stinker’s Truck Stop
2939 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(The link above goes to Stinker’s Yelp page. Stinker’s own website still has a simple splash page stating “Coming Soon.” So…maybe not.)

4 thoughts on “Stinker’s Puts A Cork In It”

  1. It’s probably a good thing I can’t make it. Not only can I not afford to be spending money on such things, I don’t any more of need that kinda crap lying around.

    And I totally would end up with a cartload of stuff.

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