Accept your Destiny and Kneel before Zod

Kneel_before_Zod_300 Hey Angelenos, you think this rain sucks? Just wait until General Zod unleashes his justly wrath upon those who fail to worship his Zodliness!

How best to pledge your allegiance, you ask?

First, forget all about the son of Jor-El! “Superman,” as you call him, wasn’t there to stop Prop 8, he didn’t do a damn thing about Haiti and he sure as hell wasn’t there yesterday in Massachusetts.

Second, make your way to the Egyptian Theatre this weekend, where the American Cinematheque is presenting a digital restoration retrospective that features classic films that have undergone digital facelifts. Why? Because among the films being screened are a double feature of Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) on Sunday. I don’t think I have to tell you who to root for in the latter.

And finally, go out and buy a dozen of these suckers.

That is all, humans.

Image: Zod, by Earth-based artist P5YCHIC.

3 thoughts on “Accept your Destiny and Kneel before Zod”

  1. For serious, major fanboy cramping when I saw that Kneel poster. P5 you take my breathe away! All hail Dru-Zod!

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