Drivers, Please Use those Headlights

IMG_1556Yesterday, I was out on the roads during some periods of heavy rainfall in the late morning, and was surprised to see that a lot of drivers — probably one out of every dozen, on average — were not using their headlights.  People, please.  That’s irrational and dangerous.  It’s also illegal where you’re driving in “[a] condition requiring the windshield wipers to be in continuous use due to rain, mist, snow, fog, or other precipitation or atmospheric moisture.”  So please use some common sense, follow the law, and turn those headlights on in the rain.

4 thoughts on “Drivers, Please Use those Headlights”

  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I borrowed a co-workers car to pick up some books for a class yesterday, and was horrified at how many people were on the road and didn’t have their headlights on. There’s no excuse for it — it’s illegal and just plain stupid and dangerous.

  2. The manufacturers ought to be required to install a simple switch in cars that if the wipers go on the headlights join in for cars sold in CA.

  3. It’s not always better to have the headlights on when it’s raining, except of course at night when they would be on anyway. They are often distracting to other drivers during the day when it is plenty bright enough to drive without them on. “Distracting”. Isn’t that the legal concept that has banned cell phone use? Sure is. The law mandating that they be on is another draconian measure that is not balanced and may have roots in sucking money from people.

  4. fgaghargergrgerg, many cars already have daytime running lights, and this doesn’t cause any more distraction than that bright glowing object in the sky.

    drivers, when it’s raining, put your damn headlights on. day or night. it’s not only the law, but it helps immensely when conditions are crap.

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