Just Passing Through

After most of the rain had fallen from today’s storm, I was enamored enough with the dramatic cloud movement inland to point my camera out through the rain spatterings on my 10th-floor Westchester office window looking south/southwest in the direction of LAX and timelapse the dense blanket of gray as it blew through, eventually giving way to bluer skies.


It’s about 90 minutes condensed down to 6.5 minutes of potential zen. Hope you enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Just Passing Through”

  1. Someone needs to mash that song up with Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire.

    Oh, and that video was spectacular. I maximized the window & zoned out for the whole thing. Thank you, Will. You brightened up my whole outlook. :)

  2. Your welcome WowThat!

    @ Jimmy, the track’s titled “Pearls” and the artist is Jesse Hozeny.

  3. As per Kate Bush, I was trying to find the Ireland-shaped cloud. But at around the 3:00 to 3:12 mark, there’s something a bit more definitive, moving at about the speed of the clouds. Ufo?

    Anyway, lovely video!

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