I wonder if they do Fluff & Fold

Seen on Fairfax Avenue in Little Ethiopia.

Yes. That is 3 (THREE) signs ensuring you get that they do Fluff & Fold. I love this.

4 thoughts on “I wonder if they do Fluff & Fold”

  1. I don’t even know what the hell “fluff” means. Which elements of my wardrobe need fluffing? Is this code for something? I’ve never understood this.

    I too love this picture. Thanks for sharing. I may have to ask you for the hi-rez so I can print it & put it up in my cube at work.

  2. Ok, this is wacky, I was down the block at Nyala the other night for a birthday party, then we walked by this place and joked about the signs. It’s quite a street, that also includes a couple of famous old bakeries that supposedly make wedding cakes for the stars.

  3. I worked at a dry cleaners for 3 years and never understood what fluffing was going on. On a side note, the worst customer we had was the woman whose clothes smelled like she wore industrial strength bug spray as a perfume. *shudder* She always brought in a about 30 pieces once a month and they smelled soooooo bad. I would cry every time I saw her pull up.

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