“Coco” Fans Brave the Rain in Universal City

My friend Jimmy and I headed out early to Universal City today (we are the last two people in America who haven’t seen Avatar, and we wanted to hit up the IMAX at City Walk), but it wasn’t just to beat the rain-induced traffic headaches. I also wanted to check out the scene where supporters of embattled late-night TV host Conan O’Brien are rallying against NBC (organized through the “I’m With Coco” Facebook group).

Despite the rain, and despite widespread reports that even after all the negative fan and media reaction to NBC’s late-night time slot shuffle O’Brien’s show will still be ending this week, people still showed up, many clad in orange ponchos to show their support for their ginger-haired hero. As of about 1:30, I estimated there were about 150 people on the curb at the studio entrance across the street from the Red Line station, hollering, waving signs and encouraging drivers to honk. Quite a bit shy of the 1,500 signed up on the Facebook event, but still a pretty good turnout considering the harsh weather. And of course there was a media presence – roving TV cameras interviewing those in the crowd, as well as a sight I cannot wait to see played out on The Tonight Show: a car towing Tonight Show band member La Bamba out to the crowd, inside a giant glass box (to protect him from the rain? Jimmy said it looked like a Popemobile).

7 thoughts on ““Coco” Fans Brave the Rain in Universal City”

  1. I went and got completely soaked. The wind and rain were brutal. I’d guess there were 200-300 there. Yay for coco pizza!

  2. It was definitely supposed to be a Popemobile bit. If you haven’t seen the monologue where Conan talks about sending a special “emissary,” complete with pompous music and Bamba dressed in all white, here it is.

    I can’t remember another case of the departure of a high-profile person in a famous television institution taking place in such a public way, with him trashing his employers so deliciously night after night.

  3. I’m a Conan fan, but I’m not really losing any sleep over him getting screwed by NBC. I wish I could get screwed to the tune of millions…plus, he’ll be back on some other network eventually.

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