Classic Eats #8: Downtown Deli Smack Down!

classiceatsThe voting is now closed and the winner, showing a clear mandate for pastrami, is the Downtown Deli Smack Down! 67% of the 61 votes went to the Langer’s and Cole’s event. Let’s go to the details:

What day: (this) Saturday, January 23rd

What time: 2:30pm start at Langer’s for what Jonathan Gold calls the best pastrami in the country and Langer’s themselves call best in the world.  When we get kicked out of Langer’s at 4pm (when they close), we’ll proceed to Cole’s around 5pm where you can either eat more deli meats or have an early cocktail or two. We’re not fussy.

What then: Some people may be off to the Derby Dolls, some people may stick around. It’s entirely up to you!

Langer’s has been family owned since 1947 and serves what many people say is the best pastrami in the country. Let’s find out! (Langer’s is old school and closes at 4pm so we’d need to get there early.) Cole’s has been around since 1908 and recently went through a refurbish and kind of rebirth. Some of you think it’s a great thing, some of you don’t. Put your vote where you opinion is and let’s see how well that $1.6million was spent.


Looking forward to the first Classic Eats of 2010!

12 thoughts on “Classic Eats #8: Downtown Deli Smack Down!”

  1. While I’m sad I can’t make it, I’m really happy you didn’t choose Roscoe’s C&W….yet. I’ve never been (lived here my whole life, I know I’m sad), and I hope my first time is with all my MB friends!

  2. I plan to be at Cole’s & the derby at least, not sure if we can make it to Langer’s beforehand. Looking forward to it!

  3. I definitely won’t be able to make it with the early start time. I’ll definitely still be at work. Have fun! Hopefully next time.

  4. If you haven’t been, yer gonna love it. Donna and I will be at Langer’s- then, we are committed…you can ask me when ya see me.

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