Guess That Amount! The Results Show

8784Sure. I had aaaaaall weekend to get over to my nearest Coinstar kiosk, but of course I held off until after it started raining this afternoon to do the deed and finally get that answer we’ve all been waiting for since Thursday’s post, in which I invited all readers to take a stab at the dollar amount of the 14 pounds of leftover change long accumulated in a half-gallon glass jug and whose time had finally come to be put back into circulation.

And that answer, which totally exceeded my paltry expectations of being in the mid-$20s, is… Eighty-Seven Dollars and Eighty-Four Cents! Dude!!

And the top three guessers who got the closest without going over are:

  • Third Place (nice!): Shannon –  $75
  • Second Place (whoa!) Jamie – $84.13
  • First Place (holy fucking shit!): isawacoyote – $87.31

Honorable mentions go to LA Metblogs Capt. Lucinda Michele with $67.52, and fellow Armed Librarian, my man Bromike with an ominous $66.6.

As promised, I’ve dipped into my semi-eclectic collection of stickers and posted a variety available for review here on Flickr. If the glory of being so triumphantly and clairvoyantly in the top three is not enough, and you see one or several that you like email me at wildbell at gmail dot com with a mailing address and I’ll get them right over to ya.

Thanks to everyone who played!

6 thoughts on “Guess That Amount! The Results Show”

  1. Way to go Cybele! Fewer coins maybe, but $135 to help Haitian quake victims! I almost selected to donate the amount to a Haitian quake relief organization, but I wasn’t clear if Coinstar was going to keep their cut or put 100% to the charity. So instead I selected a gift card.

    PS. I’ve had that half dollar for several years. I can even remember the point of exchange. It was given to me as change at a taco truck near Vermont and Wilshire during a group bike ride. I almost kicked it back, but opted not to.

  2. Will – I went back and forth with Coinstar about the donation – they usually withhold a 7.5% fee for their donation partners (basically they process all the kids’ coins for Unicef donations). Finally yesterday morning they emailed that they were going to forgo the fee for the first half million in donations to the special Haiti relief … so of course after all that fuss I made, I HAD to go do it right away. (That’s $37,500 more that UNICEF gets to work with … that will go far in Haiti where they need the most basic necessities.)

    Hopefully I can get them to match the donation at work – everyone who works for a big corp should call their HR department & find out of they’re doing a donation match.

  3. Yay! I am second place! We save our change all year and then turn it in as mad money for vacations so…I have some experience in this arena! Now I am off to pick out my sticker! Fun post! Thanks!

  4. I had a very scientific method of coming up with my amount ($100.78) but it made an apparently incorrect assumption that it was only 50% pennies by weight. Seeing the breakdown, I was obviously way off.

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