Archiving Angeles (AA): Hollywoodland Lights

Picture 2

From Vine Street, you couldn’t miss the year-old sign for the new real estate in the hills. Especially at night, when thirteen 50-foot letters and four thousand 20 watt light bulbs would pronounce “HOLLY”… “WOOD”… “LAND.”

The year was 1925.

Photo from the USC Digital Library

2 Replies to “Archiving Angeles (AA): Hollywoodland Lights”

  1. I love the “woodland” element of it. Like the way they called Canoga Park “Owensmouth,” originally. Of course, the Owens River was nowhere near “Owensmouth.” And there was no “woodland” anywhere near what would become those Hollywood hills.

  2. Awesome! And looking at the larger version of the image on the USC archive site, there’s a large letter (either an “H” or an “N”) that can be seen well left of the Hollywoodland sign, just below the ridgeline. Wonder what that was about?

    Also: The car was so king, even back then. I guess especially back then. Look at how narrow the sidewalks were and how much room those vehicles had!

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