Guess The Amount!

coinstarIn better times, this filled-to-the-brim jug of coins  collected oh so slowly over the years would just sit there in its place on the shelf in the living room, its out-of-circulation contents hoarded be it for the hell of it, a rainy day or perhaps a deathlessly lingering recession.

And then there are times like these when you look skeptically upon such a cache of cash because you find yourself looking twice at the price of that pint of Cherry Garcia or that free-range tofu macchiato gigante, or that $37 it’s going to cost for you and your significant other to go see Avatar at the nearest IMAX.

And so the time has come for me to drop my last cents into this senseless stash and lug the jug to my local Coinstar kiosk this weekend. In deciding to do so, I figured we’d have some simple fun with the task in that I invite you to guess to the nearest penny — without going over — how much money is contained within the  half-gallon glass container, with the whole thing weighing in at 14 pounds (according to the scale in my bathroom).

No, the prize isn’t the amount. That goes to temporarily curing any of my upcoming cravings for Ben & Jerry’s or maybe a rack of ribs at Spring Street BBQ, but there will be winners. The top three guessers in the comments will be able to chose a sticker from a selection (to be selected later) out of my personal collection, hoarded in an envelope in a desk drawer.

Deadline will be whenever I come back from doing the coin dump deed this weekend.  Make cents? Then gimme a guess! Image is slightly biggifiable with a click.

41 thoughts on “Guess The Amount!”

  1. OOh Brassknuckle is gonna be some competition. I was gonna say $27.67.

    I feel like I’m on the Price Is Right. “One dollar!!!”. Or the PIR douche move. “27.33 Drew!!”

    I’ll stick with $27.67.

  2. The first amount that popped into my mind (without reading the comments, mind you)was $27.31. How did I know, someone would have already guessed one cent above me :/ Luckily it’s top three, so I think my karma is safe and people will forgive me for being that PiR douche.

  3. To answer the couple of questions that have popped up so far:

    1) The stickers are technically not scratch n’ sniff, but I would be willing to run some through our cats’ litter box or stick them in my underwear prior to a bike commute if that end result (literally) is so desired. Yeah, didn’t think so.

    2) The amount in question is indeed the gross amount, before Coinstar takes its cut.

  4. Hint, I believe that tamara’s estimate is a bit low since a pound of pennies is around a pound. I guess $20.10 just because the year is 2010.

  5. Why not skip the BBQ and Ben and Jerry’s and donate the whole bit to a Haiti relief fund? My guess is 54.29.

  6. @ Carla: Your confidence is adorable, but unfortunately I’m confident I have no Hello Kitty stickers in my sticker collection to give.

    @ Kelly: An excellent idea. But one offered under the assumption I can’t or shouldn’t have my Cherry Garcia and help Haiti, too. In fact, since Haiti shouldn’t have to wait until the weekend I have already made a donation via Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund website ( that I expect is more than the total amount that’s in the bottle. But I’ll tell you what: if you’re one of the three winners I’ll do as you suggest.

  7. I want to guess $42.42, because it’s the answer to everything, right?

    But I will not guess that… instead I will go with $37.42.

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