Next Major Earthquake – Los Angeles

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While the focus is currently on the devastation in Haiti, we could be next.

Time Magazine makes its predictions for the next big one, and Los Angeles tops the list.

Los Angeles has done a lot to beef up its building codes and emergency response in the 15 years since the Northridge quake and may be better prepared than any other major American city, but the city’s sheer size ensures the next Big One will be bloody.

Be prepared.

As for Haiti, the social media site Mashable has come up with 9 ways you can help.

UPDATE (1:49PM) – Before giving to any organization, protect yourself from possible scams by checking Charity Navigator.

11 thoughts on “Next Major Earthquake – Los Angeles”

  1. As it is, Los Angeles grinds to a halt whenever we get hit with a rainstorm. I can’t imagine what kind of chaos would reign if we got hit with a 7.0+ magnitude quake.

  2. ghidorah76, I’m going to make a guess and say you’ve never been in a major earthquake before.

  3. Megan, I moved to LA in the Fall of 94 so thankfully I missed Northridge. I know the Northridge quake was a magnitude 6.7, and my wife and many people have told me how scary it was. But as I understand it, 7.0 is much larger than 7.0, as the MMS scale is logarithmic. Anyway, can you expand on your thought?

  4. 6.7 was bad enough, and we are due for a big shake since things have been so quiet for the last 16 years. I dread the big one, but I am prepared, in fact this weekend we reviewed our EQ kit and replaced those items needing replacing just to keep it all current.

  5. I hate to be the pessimist, but…
    When the big one does hit, the damage from the earthquake is only the beginning. Los Angeles is about nine meals away from anarchy. It only took a couple of days for it to happen in New Orleans after Katrina. What do you think is going to happen when 10 million people in Los Angeles county alone are hungry and have no access to food or services for a few days, a week, a couple of weeks…?

    The disaster preparedness plans say you should have a gallon of water a day for five days for everyone in your family (including pets.) Think bigger. Much bigger.

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