Get Down & Derby Thursday Jan. 21!

Pic by the amazing Shadowscene.
Pic by the amazing Shadowscene.

Next Thursday comes a whole new opportunity to injure yourself having fun on wheels! Down & Derby is a roller-skating party for grown-ups only (21+, sorry kids) so you can get plastered at the bar & then attempt to not fall down, which I can tell you from firsthand experience is hard even if you’re sober.

But it’ll be fun! It’s at the Echoplex in Echo Park. You can rent skates there, or bring your own. Of course, you’re encouraged to dress appropriately: as in, guys in tube socks & headbands, chicks in short shorts (ummm…I won’t be in short shorts, but it’s nice of them to suggest).

It’s $10 at the door but if you RSVP on their website it’s only $5, which is super cheap for one off-the-hook party. And judging by the enthusiasm on the Derby Dolls list there’ll be hot Derby Doll action on the floor–plus they passed on a tip that you should arrive early…before beer gets spilled all over the rink.

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