City Labs Helps You Spend Your Hard Earned Time

I'm going for the dogs.

Inspired by Obama – this really should become a clothing line or food product – City Labs is organizing a giant one-day non-profit fair fest.  A week from Saturday, organizations (that apparently are not teeming with unemployed folks) will be in one enormous, somewhat overwhelming room, giving out information on how you can spend your excess time helping them help others, and taking volunteers on the spot.  Why search fruitlessly online for organizations when the information can be brought to you?  It’ll be like an employment fair, except you’re guaranteed a position.

826LA will be there, as will be Food Forward, Los Angeles Guerilla Gardening, LA’s SPCA, WriteGirl, and more than 45 other nonprofits.  In addition, there will be workshops held throughout the day (i.e., the “Lazy Person’s Guide to Going Green,” which applies equally, and without judgment, to us all).  Consistent with the whole volunteering theme, there will be an area where you can sit down and pack some food boxes while you sip on your beer.  Finally, community designers fresh from Unique LA will raffle away their one-of-a-kind wares, which is pretty nifty by itself.

The fair takes place on Saturday, January 23rd from 11am to 4pm at the California Market Center downtown.  There is no entrance fee, but a $5 donation is requested (that includes a beer ticket, so just give up the Lincoln, people).   Afterward, head out to our very own Classic Eats event, location of which will be announced as soon as the people have spoken within the allotted amount of time in which they are permitted to speak (i.e., voting for the next Classic Eats event ends Monday, so vote now!).  Obama, you inspire us all.

The picture of this adorable little guy courtesy puck90 via the Metblogs Flickr pool.

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