6 thoughts on “ICME: No break dancing allowed in Pasadena Superior Court Building”

  1. Qui moi? In trouble, lol. Not this time in with my daughter over a stupid ticket she got for being in a park after hours. Turns out that is a misdemeanor in Monrovia!

  2. Yeah, only kidding — I remembered you were an upstanding citizen from the old Foothill Cities days.
    A misdemeanor for being in the park after hours does seem a bit harsh!

  3. Harsh is an understatement, but since she wasn’t doing anything and the sign was hid by tree growth we got it plead down to an infraction.

  4. Even an infraction for what you’ve described sounds over the top. sigh
    (Gee, I thought Monrovia police had plenty to do already without coming down on minor incidents like this.)
    Nice work getting the charge reduced though.

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