Governor includes expansion of photo-radar as budget booster in proposed budget.

Cities like Pasadena, Culver City, Inglewood as well as LA stand to benefit if the Governors proposal to include photo radar based speeding tickets at intersections makes it into law.  The state would get 85% of the proposed fines to help balance the budget the rest goes to the cities.  Folks, this isn’t about an attempt to improve traffic safety but rather an effort to generate income by setting up speed based radar that is currently illegal as a matter of prior legislation in CA.   Join me in bunching up our collective panties and contact your local State Representative and Senators and tell them now that using photo based radar and associated fines is not a way to balance the budget.  Complete article at and at

The fines in the proposed budget are steep too.  $225 for up to 15 mph over the limit, $325 if you are more than 15 over the limit.  I’m not advocating speeding but I do have a problem with posted limit vs prevailing traffic speed.

Now that I have your attention, go back to work after you make your calls and draft your letters.

4 thoughts on “Governor includes expansion of photo-radar as budget booster in proposed budget.”

  1. The funny thing is that the photo radar program has been tried many times in California. Unfortunately, the radars have been proven faulty and unreliable. Arizona has a program that has made them tons of cash. However, the oversight from law enforcement wouldn’t cut mustard here. I think that many police departments would actually pass on this because of the cost of such set ups.

  2. Bruinfan53…You are correct AZ has problems which is what warranted them getting an AAA avoid for abuse warning.

    I’m not so certain cities doing photo radar for stop lights won’t join in on the party if it means extra revenue given their budgetary constraints. Could be wrong, would like to be, but I won’t take it to chance.

  3. Good. Driving fast is extremely dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. I wish people would slow down out of concern for others, but it seems only economic punishment is a real deterrent.

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