New Venice Community Garden

For many of us without yards, the idea of growing a vegetable garden seems like a far-fetched idea. Not anymore, a couple of Venice residents have a found a private plot of land which can be rented and turned into a community garden. There are a lot of Farmer’s Markets on the Westside that make buying fresh, organic veggies really easy, but I think growing your own garden is a great idea for a family looking to spend more time together, learn how and when to grow veggies and flowers, and make new friends.

According to Kip Wood, “each plot will be about 75 sq. ft and cost $25 per month — we will have roughly 60 plots available. This is not city land, but a privately-owned lot that we will be renting, so rent is a little higher than city-owned Community Gardens, but at $25/month it’s still a great chance for all of us to grow food, develop a new community and create a place of beauty and magic.”

If you are interested in meeting to discuss the timeline, the needs of the garden and to assign positions and duties contact Kip Wood and Fritzi Horstman (kipwood23 at g mail dot com).

Photo Courtesy of The Commons Photo Courtesy of Toban Black
Photo Courtesy of The Commons Photo Courtesy of Toban Black

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  1. Santa Monica has a few city-owned community gardens. Great idea, but the waitlist to get a spot is crazy.

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