Hows Market NoHo Closes


In the column of disheartening news, the economy has taken away yet another of my favorite spots to visit while on the go during my daily routine.  First, the Famima in Downtown Los Angeles on Figueroa shut down just before Christmas.  And now the Hows Market in the NoHo Commons has started clearing their shelves in order to close.   It’s depressing in a very striking way. In times like these, the little things are what get us by.  This was one of my little things.

I know that many people, my closest friends included, felt that Hows was an expensive place to shop.  It was also often very quiet.  I am most likely in a minority when it comes to those who mourn its passing.  But it was convenient to my travel patterns.  I liked the fact that it wasn’t crowded.  It was open until 1 am so I could swing by after a late night of work.  And I could find exotic items without much trouble.

In trying to find a silver lining, I have high hopes for what will take its place.  If it has to be a huge chain grocery store… let it be a Vons Pavilions or a Whole Foods.

5 thoughts on “Hows Market NoHo Closes”

  1. I vote for a Fresh and Easy too. I usually have to go to the F&E in Hollywood near the Highland and Hollywood station. I live near the Noho station but the Hows was too expensive.

  2. I did like Hows even though I’m among those who thought it was too pricey. There were a few things I’d pick up there on occasion though. I wondered from early on if it would be sustainable. It quickly went from 24-hours to closing at 1am and it was always empty.

  3. Aw, I liked Hows. I believe Hows was the original forerunner of Hughes Market, a local chain bought out by Ralphs about a decade ago. I’d always been pleased to see that Hows was still around. This is sort of a bummer, although it prolly won’t effect me much since I don’t live nearby.

    I think there’s also a Hows in Granada Hills at the top of Balboa…? I wonder if it will close as well.

  4. I liked How’s too- convenient, open late, and not any more expensive than any other super market chain. I was just in there a few hours ago and it was very depressing with all the half-empty shelves and dark, desserted produce section… kinda reminded me of what it was like in the markets after the ’94 earthquake.

    I asked the checker when the last day would be and she said “once all the stuff is gone”. She sounded sad.

    R.I.P. Hows!

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