Xena Convention. You’re Going to Go.

Not everyone gets Simpson'd
Not everyone gets Simpson'd

There are some of you – no, there are many of us – for whom Xena played more than a cultural touchstone or a convenient shorthand for lesbianism.  I know that you particular people would, given the opportunity, name your steed Argo just as readily as Adam named Eve Eve.  And for the big number of us who waited all Saturday afternoon for Xena to come on (or all day Sunday if you were crestfallen to find that the Dodgers took over Xena‘s afternoon time slot), this one is for you: Creationent will host the annual Xena Convention about a month from now, February 5-7, at the LAX Marriot.

This is the 15th anniversary of Creationent’s Xena conventions, which is testament to both the show’s detached nerdiness and its staying power.  Lucy Lawless – Xena herself to some, Number Three to more than some, and random Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me guest to still others – is going to be there (!!!), as will be Renee O’Connor, Xena’s trusty sidekick Gabrielle (think Kelly Martin if Kelly Martin traded her red rimmed, middle-class Life Goes On glasses for a staff and decidedly not-early ’90s boots).  There will be costume contests (reason enough to go); Lucy Lawless; a dessert party centerpiece contest; Lucy Lawless; and, oh, Lucy Lawless.

The bestest weekend package are sold out – this is, after all,  the Dinah Shore before The Dinah Shore – but there are second-to-bestest weekend packages still available, as well as general admission single day passes (scroll down towards the end of the page).  Ah, you’re going to go.  You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.

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