Letter theft in Inglewood

stopstealingMy friend Nate commutes through Inglewood every day.  He spotted this the other day and had to share with all of us.  Pic is used with permission and taken with his Blackberry (which is not known for great optics) but does get bigger with a click.

9 thoughts on “Letter theft in Inglewood”

  1. If I were a miscreant with an odd sense of humor, some free time, and a ladder, I would be tempted to steal the rest of these letters – except for the L, O, $, E, and R.

    Good thing I don’t have any free time this week.

  2. Take this in the nature it was intended:

    I, as a white person, now believe this is why we suck! We’d be too embarassed or politically correct to express ourselves like the African-American owner, who I met and begged to snap this pic. This is why it’s great to soak in all the sites and sounds of our multi-cultural communities. As we say where I come from, “You, dang for sure, ain’t gonna see this rolling through whitewashed Santa Clarita!”

    Oy Vey, people! George Bush Jr. is no longer president – let’s all friggin lighting up! FOR REALLY – YO!!!!

    With exception to the Jersey Shore folk on MTV. Too much expressiveness, but juicy show nonetheless!!!!

  3. Jason…look close they used a “5” for the “S”, that’s how sadly desperate they have become.
    Nate…as a short fyi if its visible from public streets you can photograph without permission.

  4. Breakout the militants its gonna get interesting in here. We got ourselves some homophobic,racist, letter thieves on the loose.

  5. Before the th3fts, the sign read “Welcome National Company of the Wiz and Spinal Tap.”

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