It Caught My Eye: “Embracing The Brilliance”

Since discovering this beautiful and inspiring mural while biking home to Silver Lake from Westchester via Jefferson Boulevard for the first time back in late 2007, I’ve only been able to admire it at an angle through the bars of a sturdy and tall locked fence that fronts a vacant lot located about five blocks or so east of Crenshaw Boulevard.

Pedaling home from work December 31, I decided my last bike ride of the year would come this way through Jefferson Park, and as luck would have it for whatever reason the gate was unlocked and open as I approached the lot. Of course I didn’t hesitate to trespass onto it in order to get the three straight-on frames that make up this pano below of the pristine 2004 mural titled “Embracing The Brilliance,” and I’m thrilled to be able to share this unsung work with you (click for maxiumum biggification and readable credits at left):


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