Classic Eats #8 Old School New Year: Let’s Vote!


Happy New Year!  Classic Eats is back and it’s time to vote! You have already marked your calendar for Saturday January 23rd and here are the choices:

1) Hollywood Resolution Buster: Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles & Boardner’s
2) Downtown Deli Smack Down: Langer’s & Cole’s (2.0)
3) Westside Alka-Seltzer Fest: Tito’s Tacos & Johnnie’s Pastrami.

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As you may recall, the start times will be determined by the locations chosen. We usually start around 5pm to A) beat the crowds and B) give you time to head out to other Saturday night activities afterward. If Langer’s V. Cole’s wins, we will start even earlier because Langer’s closes at 4pm.

Click past the jump to read all about our candidates, then vote! Can’t wait to see you all there, wherever “there” is!

Hollywood Resolution Buster:

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: Have you had this magical combo that came to us from Harlem? The restaurant is not as old as some in LA, only about 30 years or so, but the reputation is solid. We will be going to the original location on Gower in Hollywood. Boardners, since 1942, is west on Hollywood from Roscoe’s, right around the corner from Musso and Frank. The Art Deco rooms and bar are still gorgeous, the back patio is perfect for an evening’s refreshment. The glitterati used to spend time here and it’s rumored that Elizabeth Short had her last drink here before stepping into the night and becoming the Black Dahlia. Do you need further proof that Boardner’s is an LA Classic? I thought not.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Downtown Deli Smack Down:

Langer’s has been family owned since 1947 and serves what many people say is the best pastrami in the country. Let’s find out! (Langer’s is old school and closes at 4pm so we’d need to get there early.) Cole’s has been around since 1908 and recently went through a refurbish and kind of rebirth. Some of you think it’s a great thing, some of you don’t. Put your vote where you opinion is and let’s see how well that $1.6million was spent.


Westside Alka-Seltzer Fest:

Tito’s Tacos has been in Culver City since 1959 and I’ve been on many a film set when the late meal was a greasy box of Tito’s and the crew was stoked. The lines are long, almost no matter when you drive by. Just around the corner is Johnnie’s Pastrami where since 1952 they’ve been serving up pastrami, hot dogs and great fries. Bring the Bromo!

Tito’s Tacos (Warning: the website has a theme song when you click on the link. I can’t find the off button!)
Johnnie’s Pastrami

9 thoughts on “Classic Eats #8 Old School New Year: Let’s Vote!”

  1. Yeah Tito’s. Yeah Johnnie Pastrami…hell both as are so awesome we hit one on the way to Venice and the other on the way back. Always worth the stop.

  2. Sorry, not enough caffeine today, & I’ve only been to 2 of these places. Are we doing 2 food places in one night, instead of the usual 1 food place + 1 drink place? Or is Tito’s/Johnnie’s the only double food choice? I’m confyooozed.

  3. All of these are right up my alley. Hope to finally make a Classic Eats, and all of them would be good for my daughter, so hopefully the fam as well.

  4. The long awaited return! Jeff and I will try to show up, provided we’re done with moving house.

  5. Cole’s has a “secret” bar in back called the Varnish. Whether or not that makes it not a double food choice is up to you.

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