Hello New Year, Goodbye Blue Moon

Having spent the vast majority of my nine lives bridging December 31 and January 1 with far too much alcohol-fueled revelries, I’m now settled in as one of them New Year’s Eve stickinthemudgeons — a quiet cat who doesn’t see much use in greeting the first day of the new year hungover to all hell. Thus, I was up at an otherwise indecent hour this morning to greet the new year and say farewell to the blue moon that graced our skies from the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010.

Though some rogue cloud cover and an approaching dawn threatened to come between us, finally at 6:13 a.m. the veils parted:


Happy New Year, everyone.

One thought on “Hello New Year, Goodbye Blue Moon”

  1. OMG that’s a beautiful shot!! I tried taking one from the Pasadena Trader Joe’s but no luck..

    We too celebrated low-key. I tried about half a glass of Scharffenberger champagne but went back to the Martinelli’s ;P

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