Cell Phone Service Coming to Red & Purple Lines

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If Metro gets its way, you may soon be playing @foursquare deep in the bowels of the L.A. subway.

The Source is reporting that the agency is moving forward on the development of a request for proposal that will be sent out to private firms to outline the agency’s requirements.

I cannot wait until the day when I can tweet about meth-induced stupidity on the Red Line.

6 thoughts on “Cell Phone Service Coming to Red & Purple Lines”

  1. It always makes me chuckle when I see those signs on the trains illustrating how to report vandalism, littering or crime. They tell you to wait until you are safely away from the perpetrators, then to phone in the report. They show a person calling on their cell phone while on the train… expect we all know cell phones don’t work on the trains! This will be a much welcomed upgrade.

  2. Emergency-use possibilities not withstanding, this will not welcomed by me. The day will now apparently come when I’ll be sitting next to some fucker on the train who’s yapping into his or her phone too loudly thus forcing to remember the good old days when such noise pollution didn’t happen underground.

  3. This is going to be great addition to the Met. rail systems. I can’t even count the times I missed an important call because I was traveling underground. Now the question is when will this development start? Hopefuly this will come sooner than later.

    -Maurizio Maranghi

  4. VL, you’re right. It always gives me a jolt when my phone goes off pulling into the Wilshire/Vermont station.

    The subway was the one place in LA I knew of that was cell-phone free. A place where people talking to themselves weren’t people on their bluetooth, but just genuine crazy folk.

  5. There are a few reasons why I despise taking the blue line and like the red line. One of them is lack of cell phone reception. Being trapped in a box with people yacking on their phones and airing their personal grievances loudly from downtown to Long Beach is bad enough. I don’t look forward to Long Beach to the Valley with reception. Silence is golden.

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