Savin’ All Your Foodstamps And Burnin’ Down The Trailer Park


I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised that it took a full four days before finding my first curbside Christmas tree carcass. But I’m even more surprised that the inaugural corpse pictured above has a celebrity connection seeing as it’s pronated where it was pitched on theĀ  parkway outside none other than Beck’s Hancock Park residence.

Go crazy with the Cheeze Whiz, but first: remember to recycle your tree!

6 thoughts on “Savin’ All Your Foodstamps And Burnin’ Down The Trailer Park”

  1. A gentle reminder, some of the suburbs in LA actually do the recycling for you. Simply check your city web, or mailer with your trash bill like I did and learned that Athens pics up your tree for free if you leave it on the curb with your green waste for recycling on your regular trash day.

    Lucinda, I think the better question is when will LA adopt a recycling plan for the citizens to make it easier on everyone?

  2. Frazgo, I do believe the city of L.A. is conducting actual curbside tree pick-up this year (in addition to the tree drop-off stations this weekend), but Beck’s apparently a little fuzzy on that “regular trash day” issue.

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