Win Tix to Chromeo, Peanut Butter Wolf & Gaslamp Killer on New Year’s Eve

chromeoI will be doing a rundown of NYE events for those of you who, like me, get around to the “Hmm, what should we do for New year’s Eve?” convo on December 30th, but before I do that here’s one solid option where I can even get you in the door for free.

Chromeo is a solid dancey duo with retro reverence and new-school tricks that never fails to not only get the party started, but sees it through to the epic end. And with Peanut Butter Wolf, VEGA, & Gaslamp Killer plus Mike B on the bill, all with Club Nokia’s stiff drinks and solid soundsystem, this will be a seriously bangin’ way to start the new year. (The club’s drink are not cheap, though: I advise pre-partying at home & taking public transpo to LA Live.)

Wanna go? Tell me about the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had. We’ll pick a few winners to get a pair of free tix to the show.

Show info is here.

19 thoughts on “Win Tix to Chromeo, Peanut Butter Wolf & Gaslamp Killer on New Year’s Eve”

  1. NYE 1977/78: met my future wife over Tanqueray & Tonics at a big bash hosted by one of my best friends. Flash forward to 2010: she’s now my ex of 15 yrs. but hoping to better that magic with my current g.f. (100%!) so give us the tix and I can treat her to a bigger dinner before – LOL!

  2. Best NYE ever? Getting frighteningly drunk on an intercontinental flight from Africa.
    something tells me I wont be able to pull that off again in the near future.

  3. Was in Vegas a couple years back… Met new friends(which I am still friends of today), family, and best of pals a friend could ever have… It was like the movie “GO”… Went to a couple parties… RZA from the Wu-Tang clan invited us to his hotel room party just by talking to him… Cool cat… People dancing… Loving Life… Bringing the new year with optimism… Partying like it was 1999! And to put out there, I’m just an average middle class guy from Los Angeles… Learn that personality goes a long way… Sometimes more than money does… LET’S LOVE LIFE, MUSIC, AND DANCE ARE ASSES OFF!

  4. its hard to top a NYE in NYC, the only time you see thousands of people crammed together while not cussing each other out. after 2 hits of acid things got wild real quick, even staypuff showed up.

  5. Best nye.. I would say spending time jamming to music with friends. When I was a kid my grandfather rented ZZTop their first appartment together in tx. They came to the house for nye and brought the bands gear. They played a down south dirty rockin show for the family and we all sat around and talked about the new year to come. Also one year I spent with biz markie at a rave talking about how hiphop was one of the largest movments in the us as far as music goes.. back in 1995. I seem to always find my way to the back stage green room and always have crazy conversations with artists about the creative process and how mmusic makes them feel. I would love to see / talk with chromeo. And I’m sure my friends $10k camera will get super clean RAW format photos we can blog for others later :) peace and respect.

  6. I’m all about living in the moment and living life to the fullest… this year will be my best NYE!! I was unable to celebrate New Years with my guy last year for the first time in 3 years because we were 3000 miles apart… (he’s been volunteering his time with a post-grad organization for at-risk youth because he’s so awesome like that. Lol.) So, now that he’s back in LA I want to make this NYE ultra-special for him! Winning these tickets will be amazing and will definitely make for a truly incredible night… aaand, free tickets would mean I could possibly upgrade our hotel room to a suite ;) Pick me, please!

  7. I would love to go . . My best friend died a year ago and we went to see chromeo in 08 it would be amazing to go see them again and pay tribute to my friend that passed. Please pick me. + willy is a great dj.

  8. Honestly, all my NYE’s SUCK.. I usually just stay home like a loner and watch the ball drop and pass out, but hey! maybe if I win some chromeeeeoooo tickets I can shake my booty and show my fancy footwork off and have an awesome new years for once :D

  9. Best NYE definitely had to be ’99 and the whole millennium scare. We were all at my aunt’s house and huddled into one of the bedrooms because we thought everything was going to go haywire and the rapture might occur, and that we should all be together to hold on in case the earth opened up! We had filled the bathtub with water and stocked up on canned goods. It was completely ridiculous of us, but it’s something we always laugh about! Please help me get away from my crazy family…I really need those tickets!

  10. My best NYE celebration took place in 2006 when I was renting a pretty big house with 3 other friends. Over a hundred people showed up and there was plenty of alcohol to go around. We thought it would be a cool idea to make jungle juice but we didn’t realize that mixing red and green kool-aid would create a brown concauction! We called it Donkey Juice and it got killed anyway. My boy was spinnin’ so the music was awesome! There were mad blunts being passed.. girls making out.. everyone dancing. We made sure that anyone that was too faded spent the night. Definitely the best party I’ve ever thrown. I’m on the train to L.A. right now tryin’ to figure out NYE plans. I would love to see this show!

  11. Best NYE to date was 08 house party with my closest group of friends- chillin, listening to music, talking about progress and being alive, passing around jays so no one was ever empty handed. Just kickin it smart and simple.
    cheers! it’s really cool to offer us some free tix to celebrate the new year, thanks!

  12. The Best New Years was spent in NYC in ’99. We spent the evening in a balcony party up above the chaos of Times Square. We all thought the power would go out or Dick Clark would take off like a rocket, but something crazy would surely happen and we couldn’t go on like this. When the countdown came we climbed up to the roof to maybe welcome aliens or meet our maker. I was screaming at the top of my lungs with my eyes closed and a bottle of champagne in each hand “IS THIS THE END????”

    By the time we realized nothing was going to happen and we could all get on with our lives, we were already so wasted. Went to a gay bar called the Cock downtown and celebrated our continued humanity by doing lots of drugs and getting into an orgy. I came to hours later from being passed out on a couch with several drag queens snoring loudly to my friend helping me out of the bar. We stumbled out into broad daylight and made our way back to Brooklyn and into the new unknown year of 2000.

    Chromeo rules!!!

  13. Alright all y’all, the winners have been chosen! I’m sure there still might be a few tix for sale to this show, so you may wanna snap those up & then spend your night tooling around downtown. All the public transpo & cabs will be rolling so after the show you can make a run thru every last one of Cedd Moses’s bars and get ripped. Have fun.

  14. Thank you so much… You’re the best! Lucinda Michele got the homie hookup. That’s what’s up. Bless…

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