Win Tix to See the Aquabats on Friday!

aquabatslargeWe have ONE lonely little pair of tickets to give to one lucky-ass winner for the show with the Aquabats, Buck o’Nine & Supernova this Friday. These guys may wear spandex but they’re the real deal. You would be too if you’d been wearing blue spandex superhero suits for the last ten-twelve years. I imagine that after the first five years or so, you make peace with the fact that you are silly, and you’re ok with that, and you decide to dedicate your life to the Silly. Which is admirable.

Wanna go? Well of course you do, little camper. To win this pair of tix, just tell me why you deserve to go and why you really, truly, totally MUST see the show this Friday!

Show info is here.

7 thoughts on “Win Tix to See the Aquabats on Friday!”

  1. Because MC Bat Commander is my father. And I think he needs to know. Give me the opportunity to break the news during “Pool Party.”

  2. Because I never know what to get my boyfriend for Hanukkah and he loves the Aquabats, this would be a great surprise. Born and raised in South Bay, my boyfriend knows all the history of Punk Rock, Ska, Reggae, you name it. He is a Musician himself and he’s mentioned the Aquabats as being one of his many influences..

  3. Because during their epic battle with intergallactic space villians GWAR I was fragged and spent the next 6 years in a coma. The entire time dreaming of the day I would be able to extract my revenge upon the bats. That day is NOW!!

  4. We have never ever missed an Aquabats show. My kids have been cadets since 7, they are now 13 and 10. I myself have seen them since the glasshouse in 94. And my boyfriend used to do shows with them when he was in Chuck, yes the little know Lucerne Valley band. So we can’t miss this, for each one of us its personal!

  5. My first Aquabats show was a Christmas special. I MUST GO AGAIN. If only to see the red suits ONE MORE TIME. Also, it’s either the Aquabats tomorrow or a night of drinking alone at home. SAVE ME FROM THE DRINKING ALONE AT HOME.

  6. OH, MAN. I can’t go because I plan to be very drunk- but if you can, GO.
    The Aquabats are an IQ test and a work-out regimen at the same time.
    Lucinda, I hope you’re going- they will re-thread your head!- and I look forward to Classic Eats.

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