6 thoughts on “ICME: Turn the Corner….”

  1. lmao…its almost a safety graphic in the process. I wonder what happens if you up it for 1 when there is really a big 2 in it?

  2. Better that than:

    “If it’s yellow,
    Let it mellow,
    If it’s brown,
    Flush it down.”

    And it’s Disney, so they could have small cute animals singing it.

  3. I like that it specifies “coated to protect against germs” for anyone afraid of using a (gasp!) old-fashioned handle instead of the automatic flusher.

  4. Oh man those are so weird and cool at the same time! When I was up in Seattle recently, I think every bathroom had one. Guess we’re catching up .. or falling behind, however you want to see it.

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