Hello LA, I’m Back To Stay!

I was gone for over two months, LA, and I missed you so much! The dependable weather, the 24 hour grocery stores and pharmacies, the huge variety in restaurants and coffee places. Coffee places that open earlier than 7am, even! And I want to thank you for a few of the little things you accomplished while I was gone.

First thing I noticed — no more construction on the 405 North between the 90 and the 10 freeway and the carpool lane is open!  Well done, it only took five years. (A few more details about the 405N and S here.)

The bonus part of this section of the 405 being done is that the under pass at National is wide open and without construction. This is like dream for a Westside/Rancho Park gal such as myself.

Then there was the newly paved Pico Blvd between 20th Century Fox and Rancho Park Golf Course — Smooth! It was like gliding on ice and made my trip home from a meeting in Hollywood that much sweeter.

I did hear that the Expo line is delayed. Hmmm, that is not so sweet, but as long as you keep moving forward with that, LA, I’ll be here to ride and cheer it on when it’s up and running to Culver City. At least there is good news in the bicycle front with the LA City Council Transportation Committee passing the Bicycle Anti-harassment ordinance. It still has a way to go, but it is also moving forward.

LA, you were missed. Thanks for tidying up before I got back, I really do appreciate it!

8 thoughts on “Hello LA, I’m Back To Stay!”

  1. I have the same reaction: Yay, welcome back!

    P.S. you suck for missing the construction messes that we’ve been stuck in. If the one you’re talking about is near National & Overland, that one has been suck suck suck!

  2. Welcome back! You were missed! And thanks for the construction update. I guess I don’t get over to the Westside too often. ; )

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