Win Tix to Son Volt on Friday

sonvoltI’ve loved this band for years, despite their faults and shortcomings. And yes, they have them. The tunes can be repetitive. Frontman Jay Farrar’s songwriting style sometimes seems like that of an overenthusiastic short-order cook, stuffing a bit too much into every line. And their personal struggles are legend. But for what they are, there’s nothing as good as Son Volt. It’s pure, unadulterated Americana. There is no better soundtrack for a road trip in the dark through haunted country between the black rattling hulks of eighteen-wheelers on a two-lane highway, when you’ve been driving alone for too long and the gold lights from the trucks and the road begin to smear in your eyes. Son Volt kept me focused.

Wanna go? Tell me about the most epic road trip you ever took (or plan to take). We’ll pick a few lucky winners. Show info is here.

One thought on “Win Tix to Son Volt on Friday”

  1. “Ohhhh I’m looking at the world through a windshield, Seeing everything in a little bit different light
    I got a sweet little thing that I’m dying to see in Naaashville and I’m down around Dallas and rolling on south tonight” YAY Sonvolt!

    sooo roadtrips.. I’ve done a lot of them. I think my favorite ever was driving around the big island hawaii with my friend julie. Volcanos, surf, shady farmers, accidentally booking a room at a swingers hostel run by a guy who calls himself “mojo”, Pahoa!, the freezing snowy sunrises in manu kea driving through places that look like the moon, waipiao valley. really exciting island and everywhere is accesible by car, with 4 wheel drive at least.

    driving through death valley is also a fun one, no speedlimits and around 4 am it can feel like your driving through a star trek movie.

    driving cross country not really so fun except maybe the rocky mountains and southern utah. Interstates can be kind of blah especially east of the Mississippi.

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