Problem Dog? Audition for Dog Whisperer on Tuesday

Beware of DogIf you follow Cesar Millan’s tweets, you know that his maxims are like the Tao of Pooch: easier said than done.  Southern California dog owners who are struggling to establish themselves as pack leaders, and agree with Cesar’s methods and theories of dog rehabilitation, are invited to head out to Doggie Avenue in Burbank between 1 and 2 on TUESDAY to audition themselves for Cesar’s National Geographic show, The Dog Whisperer. The producers seem to be looking for pretty much any problem behavior that needs rectifying: unusual phobias; obsessions, fearful behavior; and aggression.  For their extra-special Valentine’s Day episode, the producers also are looking for couples on the brink of breaking up because of the dog, so be sure to act extra catty during the audition.

Check out the guidelines for full details on what you will need to bring, and legal forms you will have to sign, for the audition. Basically, you’ll need to bring a videotape of your dog behaving badly, with the caveat that you don’t put yourself, the dog, or other innocents in harm’s way while you do it.  For example, if you would like to show Cesar just how aggressive Pookie is when s/he sees another dog, you better not have Pookie off-leash when I’m in your ‘hood walking my dog.  Actually, you better not have Pookie off-leash ever.  Good luck!!

Photo courtesy of East of West LA via the Metblogs Flickr pool.

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  1. That’s good get a bunch of out of control dogs together in a public area. Let the feast begin.

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