Found on Road Alive: 1960 Chevy El Camino

hot 60I waited as long as I could for the owner to return, but alas I was not so lucky today.  I was dying to learn the history of this particular 1960 El Camino of which is the rarest of that body style with barely 14K made.  The license plate tells us all what the owner thinks of this gem “A HOT 60”.  Lord knows we love our cars in LA, but this one has had some loving restoration somewhere along the line and it still wears well.

To see the wonderful “fins” on the rear of this survivor you need to make the jump.

"A HOT 60" had real fins too, last year for this body style.
"A HOT 60" had real fins too, last year for this body style.

All pics by me with the trusty cell cam, they do get a little bigger with a click.

5 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive: 1960 Chevy El Camino”

  1. Bahahaa… I know this Elco. It belong to my neighbor in Highland Park. He sold it earlier this year. Glad to see it’s still in the region.

  2. Not really, he pretty much bought it in that condition a couple years ago. He’s now working on 61 Chevy Apache pickup truck.

  3. That El Camino has been in the Monrovia neighborhood of Myrtle/Fano for the 5 plus years that I have lived here. That guy has 4 or 5 classics that he works on constantly

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