Found on Road Alive: 1985 Chrysler New Yorker.

85 new yorkerForget the little old lady from Pasadena, check out this original owner “retirement car” for an elderly couple in Arcadia.  The gussied up “K-car” with a 2.2L turbo under the hood and re-badged as the flagship “New Yorker” for the Chrysler line up.  The car is at Roy Gasparini 76 for some work as it failed its first smog test in 24 years.  (If anyone can fix it Roy’s guy can…check their yelp).  Quite the little testament to their love of the car and its “durability“.

The 1980’s was a tough time for American manufacturers.  Tightening smog regulations and increased fleet fuel economy regulations meant the end of the traditional huge V8 as the standard of the industry.  Smaller cars with smaller V6 and 4cyl engines, some turbocharged such as this version became the norm.   Sounds much like what we are facing now, particularly in CA this time its increased fuel efficiency as well as lowered CO2 fleet averages already approved by the legislature.  I doubt we’ll have the lackluster cars this time around as we had in the 80’s simply because the technology is different now than it was then.

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone, does get bigger with a click, but not much better.

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  1. That website linked is a JOKE right? Blown head gasket after 75K mi? New head due to dropped valve? Replaced radiator at 65K mi? K-cars are a testament to why Chrysler is done in 2009. My counter point: ’96 Miata, 135K mi, original motor. 28mpg on the freeway. Water pump starting to go bad, replaced nothing but brakes/tires/1 headlight.

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